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16 May 2010 @ 01:47
Reviews and all that jazz...  

Oh holy crap is all I can say.

I'd kind of forgotten that it is end of season time again and so when I went to watch Thursday night’s TV earlier today and all the episodes were bloody fantastic I was left kind of speechless. They were so awesome there are some truly great minds floating around in the world of TV, but they are mighty underappreciated. A single episode like one of the ones tonight brings me far more happiness and emotion than a majority of the blockbuster movies out there, now I’m not going to rule them all out ‘cause occasionally one really does hit it out of the park. But seriously so much more hard work and effort goes into TV and the recognition it gets in return is pitiful.


So Yeah starting off easy....Cougar Town OMG Jules and Grayson how happy am I? and I know it's silly whimsical fun with many deadpan jokes, which is essentially a second rate stab at trying to recreate the magic that once was friends, and while out of all the 'ex-friends' I think she has been the most successful at taking the same idea and trying to do it again (Joey was only worth watching to stare at Matt Le Blanc, and the comeback really never even got a first wind let alone a comeback) It's still not the kind of show you follow, you just watch it when you notice it's on for the hopes of cracking a few smiles and maybe even a chuckle on a good day. But the concept is pretty blatantly the same as friends, six people, three girls three guys sit around drinking wine (not coffee) and talk about their lives whilst occasionally getting it on with each other, even the characters are kind of the same, dumb/slutty one = Joey/Laurie, overbearing/obsessive/crazy one = Monica/Jules ect. but it's still vaguely enjoyable.

As for Grey's Anatomy it's still failing to really grip me in a big way now that they have clearly listened to the calls of angry fans and are starting to focus back on the main characters that we actually care about, and it's improved towards the end of the season, it has, but it's on no way really making me stand up and need to have the next episode right away as even cougar town achieves sometimes. It's in no way the show i just to love at the moment but I’m still giving it a chance to recover my respect before I relegate it to a show I catch up with at the end of a season rather than one I actually follow compulsively. The only things that really got me in this episode were the line "at my parties we drink beer and dance on the tables, this parties lame" from Mer to Der cause it just made me remember how they used to be and the party scenes in 1x05 which is one of my all time faves. Apart from that I thought that the MerDer and Mer/Chris was cute but boring, there wasn't really anything new or exciting about these bit and they didn't really stand out as anything memorable to me. Christina/Owen/Teddy love triangle....blah blah blah....I really don't give a flying fart in space anymore, choose, don't choose...who really gives a damn. I like Christina and I like Teddy, and I’m not a big fan of Owen I just don't feel like he's contributed anything to the show apart from showing a softer side of Christina sometimes but I feel it shows more when she's working with and worshiping teddy than when she's with Owen. I'd be happy if Christina and Teddy moved in together as friends and Owen disappeared into a black hole someplace, that'd be nice. Reed....you're cute honey, but seriously?....go away. Jackson - now i actually really like him and think he's thoroughly underused, more Mr. Avery i say! Crazy bitch April was funny for an episode or two now has returned to her position as boring and forgettable, yay I hope she stay like that until she's actually forgotten. My two best/ most emotive/agonising bits of this episode are linked, my favourite bit had to be mark growing a pair and telling Lexie how he was feeling, yay for mark, who doesn't love mark and they really are perfect for each other, mostly cause I actually find Lexie tolerable when she is with mark and not insanely annoying as I do most of the rest of the time, so that really made my heart melt just a bit, Mama Shep raise that one right! My second most moving and heart clenching part of this episode wasn't really a part just an afterthought or and inferred point from this episode, Alex. Alex was always my favourite of most of the characters, even of the original five interns I always loved him most but I have no idea why, he's so vulnerable and protective and loveable, sweet Alex -  so my heart went straight to him when mark said what he said, while I love happy mark i also love happy Alex and he's just getting happy again, just learning to trust someone and she's gonna leave, there's no way she's not gonna leave him (and I’m not saying I want them together it's not a pairing i see as a long term thing) but I don't want to see happy Alex crushed once again he seems to spend his life in a limbo of finally finding something happy and then getting crushed to the ground time after time. I just want him to be happy (and to get back with Addy ‘cause she's perfect for him!)

Now I used to think Private Practice was just a spin off show nothing too new just a silly little extension and it never really grabbed my attention all that much with the story lines, but in the last season it has really become the show I’m excited to see each week, it’s why Thursday nights hold my interest so much (originally it was because of Grey’s but now I watch this before I even think about watching Grey’s), it’s grown into a truly awesome show. Now it saddens me that Grey’s seems to have to be circling the drain for this to start picking up but coincidence or not I’m glad that at least one of them is still entertaining. A week ago I would have had so much to say about how all the characters were doing the wrong thing or in the wrong place but now I have nothing but happiness after the season finale as everything was sorted out and everyone is where I want them to be for the new season (which I want NOW btw!!!). Of course I’m sad to lose Dell because even though he was never an overly major character I did love him this season. The only bone I need to pick with this show at the moment is Amelia Shepherd. Now I adore the Shepherd family learning more about them is one of my favourite parts of Grey’s but when I thought about them and what everything we have heard about them so far I wouldn’t have ever expected her to be so callous and bitchy. Firstly I’m not a huge fan of her name, it just doesn’t seem to fit in with her siblings. Everything we are learning about her, that she and Derek were with their dad when he was murdered that she became a drug addict, that she hid a long term affair between Mark and Addison from her family, that she doesn’t get along with Derek or by the looks of it any of the others, yet she always likes all of his college friends, really? That doesn’t sound like something Derek would just let slide ‘Oh yeah my sister’s a druggie but you know who cares’….hmmm. By the sounds of it her and Addison used to be really good friends – you don’t cover for you cheating sister-in-law if you’re not – but now all they do is fight or be miserable around each other. If she’s sticking around I hope she at least gets off of the sofa and starts making some people happy.

Well what can you say about the Vampire Diaries? It’s always been pretty awesome since it started and it appears to not be changing anytime soon by the look of the latest episode. I used to hate the idea of Elena and Damon but now I kind of love it, even if it wasn’t her it was Katharine, a bucket load of drama is sure to be coming. And the other less important but no less intriguing question is what exactly are Tyler and the mayor?

I I’m so enjoying it all at the moment but I’ll be so sad in about two weeks when it hits me that I’m going to have to wait for at least September till any more of this excellence comes our way, how tragic!

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