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16 May 2010 @ 02:17
Grey's Anatomy 6x23/24 'Sanctuary/Death and all his friends'  
So yeah it seems that 'Oh holy crap' is becoming a catchphrase of mine recently, which i'm not to sure i'm happy about but when you watch the two  promos for this weeks episode of Grey's i'm sure it will be the only thing coming out of you mouth too. I was literally frozen in place for several seconds (or minutes really but i feel bad admiting that) after watching them and didn't even realise i was holding my breath till i let it out.

So yeah, i sincerarly apologise for ever saying that Grey's was becoming boring and second rate television, Shonda you may have done it this time and shaken the show right back into the forefrount of international television, if the 2 hour episode is any where as gripping as these promos then i think i may have a heart attack (or at least a panic attack) and will never ever say another bad word against you.

Promo 1

Promo 2

The only real thing i've heard about it is that they are shaking it up by reversing the usual 'guy save girl' thing and switching it up so that 'girl (hopefully) saves guy'. However as the second hour id entitled 'Death and all his friends' it doesn't have my hopes up all that high. So as it's a guy that's going to get hurt my three main assumptions would be:

Mark - basically i would hate this to happen because it's unnesisary but the motivations would basically be making Lexie realise she still loves him and needs to be there with him.

Owen - 'cause their has been a lot of story about him recently (which also goes against it being him) but with Christina 'Needing their to be an Owen in her life', and i'm pretty much fed up of this Owen at the moment so i wouldn't be all that broken up about it, also from the promo it looked like he was shot in the chest so Christina and Teddy operating on him to 'Save' him makes sence.

Derek - cause by the look of things Mer may be pregnant so that would deffinatly add to the drama, and also he's has his 'sad puppy eyes' on for a while now, since he became cheif i think, and that never boads well last time he had a breakdown and went and hid in the woods. Oh and their was all the stuff about i want you to get pregnant so that if i ever die you're not alone, duh duh duhhhh! And my betting is that the shooter is the guy who just took Derek to tribunal (can remember his name) for killing his wife so makes sence him shooting at Derek.

And my heart almost stopped when i saw Bailey being pulled out from under the gurney but my theory (or my serious desire) is that it's Ben coming to get her to tell her it's all over and she can come out of hidding. I love Bailey and you can't screw everything up for her the minute she starts to be happy again.

And what's with the dream-like quality of the start of the first promo? Weird eh...?

Well fingers (and every other body part able to) crossed that it all turns out well.
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xdreamer_girlx: GA: Ohxdreamer_girlx on 16th May 2010 01:21 (UTC)
Correction it looks as though Mark's safe and out of the woods cause he falls to the ground with Lexie and is wearing his blue attending scrubs, just noticed this when rewatching to check the videos were right. Yay Mark! Bad news for Derek though, he seems to becoming more and more like to be the victim.
xdreamer_girlx: GA:Alexxdreamer_girlx on 16th May 2010 01:55 (UTC)
Oh and if it's Alex i'm going to hurt someone, seriously physically hurt someone on the writing team, if i'm lucky i'll get to Shonda myself all the better!