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02 February 2009 @ 15:20
So Freaking fan-girl Excited right now!  
Grey's Anatomy - Season 5 Episonde 14 / Private Practice - Season 2 Episode 14 *CROSS OVER*

How Exciting!!!!

(Squeel like a crazed McDreamy fan-girl!!!...EEEEE :D)



I used to hate Addy, but now i seriously love her, i'm not even sure why, she just has something about her that is compleatly irresistable...not sure what though !?!

(SIDE NOTE: I have to say Kate Walsh's hair is stunningly pretty at the moment.)

.. I WANNA SEE THAT EPISODE NOW!! I CAN'T WAIT! Will MerDer become McMarried? Will George be McJealous of Lexie and Mark? And what happens to Addisons McBrother??!!

As i'm from the UK, and we are still stuck on season 4 over here (which SUCKS...really and trully SUCKS) i am going to have to download this episode which is a bit of a pain but it's is deffinatly a nessesity.

By the way: a small note, we have had a tone of snow over the last few hours here and it is stunning outside, and all the better because school is cancelled again, woo hoo! but i swear i have made it in to school for about 8 full days this term, and that started at the begining of january...damn my attendence is terrible this year.

So Freaking fan-girl excited right now!


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