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03 February 2009 @ 13:38
Fanfiction Help Please!  
I wrote the start of a fic about an hour ago but am now having trouble deciding who it is going to be about if i continue it.

When i started it, it was a Kelly Rowan, Peter Gallagher fic.
But as i wrot i began to feel that it could be a Ellen Pompeo, Patric Dempsey fic
or a MerDer fic, which i would probably have the most direction for and would possibly be the best, but it seemed to fit kelly peter but i didn't know where it was going.

please read, and tell me who it fits best and whether it is worth continueing.
Any imput would be greatly recived.


Here's the begining:


Slowly she walked, along the busy Californian street. Her head bowed, lost in thought, lost in the memories, lost…but trying to discover where it all went so horribly wrong for her, when she ended up alone. Oblivious to the happenings around her, and with no purpose or destination fixed to guide her path, today or for the rest of her life it seemed.

Simply dressed, she didn’t stand out among the swarming people in the street. Elegant sandals, tight fitting dark jeans, and a lightly embroidered silk camisole top in a regal dark turquoise. Casual but in her own way, simply stunning. The large sunglasses perched on her face had two missions; firstly, they protected her from the bright mid-morning Californian sunshine, secondly, they protected her from the looks of the crowd, she was anonymous in them, no-longer a celebrity, just a girl walking down a street, to gain some privacy from the world for a few minutes.


He wasn’t alone, he barely ever found himself alone anymore, unsure whether it was a lack of trust in him or just a period of clingy devotion his wife was suffering from presently. Either way he craved time to wallow in his thoughts, he found himself drifting in and out of conversations, there was no sleep for him these days, it was the only time he could think freely, but once his mind began to process all that had passed in the last four months, it raced ahead of him never letting up, and he knew there was no chance for him to even dream of her tonight, he was left only with the memories and the devastating guilt.

He craved the silence to think about her, to remember every curve of her body and the smell of her hair, to return to the happiest place ever known, if only for a moment. While she wished for company to distracted her from the constantly playing reel of memories of him that continuously flowed through her mind.


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