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24 March 2009 @ 02:47
GA end of season spoiler speculations, and rant from after 5x18  

I’ve read what feels like millions of these discussions about whom it will be that ties the knot at the end of the season and the general consensus seems to be...


Meredith & Derek - too fast, but maybe them to shock the audience. I don't like the idea, don't get me wrong i love MerDer but it would totally ruin everything we know about the characters to do this, it's so out of character that Shonda would have to explain why she thought it was necessary. Before they marry there needs to be some serious character development – which has begun to happen with a supportive Meredith and a vulnerable Derek – and couple development, I would like to see some of the season 1 magic and chemistry back in the pair, their spark seems to diminish a little more with each season that passes.


Mark & Lexi - No way, they have only had one public kiss so far, not really grounds for a strong bond here. Personally i like this couple but another 'Vegas' style wedding would be repeating GA history. At the moment the couple has very little foundation and would struggle, like George and Callie, but I can see them together in the long run if the writers don’t mess it up. She is good for him even if she annoys me most of the time.


Alex & Izzy – Probably the most plausible considering the current situation. Alex confesses his love too her, she gets a life threatening disease and they marry from a hospital bed believing that she is going to die, as a last act of his love. I am so sure that she will pull through, they keep emphasizing the “5% survival rate” thing so she would have to be a miracle to fight through this, but it seems stupid to have a story about Derek losing his confidence and trying to give it all up, then returning with the sole purpose of saving Izzy, then she dies, there would be no chance he would be talked back after thinking he killed his roommate, seriously! Even if Katherine wants out of her contract this seems a weird way to do it because then they are just digging an even bigger hole for the other characters (especially Derek) to climb out of. I think if it is a main character wedding this is the most likely. As for any other main character wedding’s I think Izzy’s imminent death or at least severe illness would detract attention from them, especially for MerDer with one as a best friend of Izzy and the other as her surgeon, and both as housemates, it kind of kills the very uncommon bright and shiny GA atmosphere that should accompany a MerDer wedding.


Christina & Owen – Once again it’s too fast, and out of character. I feel that Christina would think that she would loose respect for making a rash decision like marrying a guy that only a few people know she is seeing, and they have only kissed so far, I think it’s a bit of a leap. Besides the pair have enough issues and drama to sort out, what with Owen’s nightmares and trying to kill Christina accidentally and everything…adding this would take a ton of screen time away from others to focus on them.


Other options that I haven’t even read anywhere else are that the wedding is not one of the central couples, or maybe it’s a renewal of vows for one of our eternally tormented couples?


Richard & Adel – Seem to have finally worked things out, apart form occasionally having to pop in and do some amazing but kicking, Adel has stayed pretty much away for this season, and there has been a considerable lack of Richard complaining that she is angry with him. A plausible choice, I think, maybe Derek’s proposal inspires him to also realize that since they were almost divorced they have had no official ‘back together’ thing, maybe a recommitment ceremony is just the thing. Also I’d love to see more of Adel she rocks!


Bailie & Tucker – Less likely than a Richard/Adel renewal of vows, I think as last I remember of their relationship they were fighting over the phone about their marriage counseling, not necessarily pointing us in the direction of recommitment for the pair. But Shonda did say it was a wedding that would surprise the fans, this would definitely surprise us I think.


Callie & Arizona – Have these two even been on a real date yet, they’ve crashed the others dates and made out in Joe’s bathroom but anything real happened? Also as I’m from England is gay marriage allowed in whichever state GA is set in??? For them to get married this fast I think Callie would be labeling herself as a serial wife, never waiting for a relationship to fully form before leaping right in. Really don’t think this is a possible option.


As for old George, he has no one to marry. Is poor TR slowly being forced from the set by lack of actual storylines or screen time, and when he is on screen recently there seems to be silent audio, voiceovers or music and some background actions or slow motion running going on but no actual words for this man, what the hell is going on? I can only assume that he has some big dramatic story coming up, where he either reestablishes himself as a character in this show or leaves for good, and frankly I wouldn’t blame him the writes are being complete arses to him. Take 5x18 for example the few lines they bothered to scribble down on a post-it for him (cause frankly you could fit all his lines on one, and if you wrote on both sides you could probably write them out a few times) were muttered under hid breath or mumbled from behind Meredith’s shouting and ranting about or at the interns (who frankly get much better stories weekly than TR has in months, and he’s one of the fricken main characters! Who are these dweebs stealing all the stories and screen time!?!)


One last point, in that interview that PD gave to what was it…(The view maybe?) Anyway he used so very odd language. He said something along the lines of ‘there will be a wedding this season, MerDer will have a union’ I’m sure that’s wrong and there was some other babble in between that made it sound like he was talking about the same event twice. I really don’t think he was. He said there will be a wedding…but refrained from saying whom it shall be partaking in it. And when asked if it would be a MerDer wedding he hesitated as if to remember the word he had been briefed that he could use to describe their situation, finally saying that yes, there will be a MerDer ‘union’. Suggesting that it is not them marrying but taking part in some other kind of union, any ideas as to what it could be? It’s a weird way to describe an engagement , it leans towards them actually having some kind of event to celebrate them.


Finally, my feelings on the original matter are as follows. Most likely too be married this season is Alex and Izzy, second being Richard and Adel. And I Shonda really wants to surprise us like she said, maybe she’ll give a story to TR and marry him off to a new character again! Why do I feel Dejavu setting in…?


Anyway rant over, comment with your ideas or feelings please as I’m bored, and onlt have coursework to do for the next week.


Going to bed now as it’s 2:50am here and I have to be up a 6:15am for school! Ahhhh! Stupid ability to write an essay about nothing, and nothing about the essay I was meant to be writing!


Nighty Night,


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