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03 June 2009 @ 09:11
Wet sprockets and other curious things...  
My brain comes up with the weirdest things sometimes.

Basicall i said this early this morning: (i don't even remember the context of the conversation)

Me: "For people like me, it's about as much use as a wet sprocket."

What the hell is a 'sprocket' and does it make a difference if one is wet???

See just gererally weird. After i said it i kind of just stood there looking quizical about myown words. I think i worried the person i was talking to as they abruptly found something else to do other than talk to me.

This time i'm gonna blame it on exaustion and the fact that it was really early, not just that i'm a arsy idiot.

And of course i thought you would all enjoy me enlightening you to my stupidness.
Am now going to go and revise. Three exams in the next two days. FUN!

Current Mood: ditzyditzy
stanley hudson : big butt, bigger heart: madagascar : you're just a bunchviper209n on 3rd June 2009 15:31 (UTC)
this is weird that i know this but 'sprocket' is a word from that old cartoon 'The Jetsons'. I believe George makes them.

it may have other meanings but that's one of them.
xdreamer_girlx: Emma1xdreamer_girlx on 3rd June 2009 15:43 (UTC)
I searched it, and according to wiki, it is like a teethed wheel that chains go round.

It's most probably what you said as well. It's just weird that i didn't know either of these but it still popped into my head.

I soo didn't think anyone would actually read this, lol, but thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my random musings.

Love the Madagasca Penguin icon, totally awsome!

Lauren: you and me RLlaurenf11 on 4th June 2009 18:18 (UTC)
lol we all have blonde moments sometimes! I have them nearly everyday! good luck with your exams.
xdreamer_girlxxdreamer_girlx on 4th June 2009 22:26 (UTC)
Thanks for the support it's just a shame i'm not blonde, it makes it harder to get away with.

Thank you for the luck that is sooo totaly sweet of you!

Much appreciated,
mint_pixiemint_pixie on 7th June 2009 08:48 (UTC)

It sounded innuendo-y.

Hope you're doing ok though! :3
How was dinner on Friday? Get there in one piece? Lol.

And Episode 3 is up.
xdreamer_girlx: Twi: Alice Delicatexdreamer_girlx on 7th June 2009 10:16 (UTC)
Well you would think that...! (only you...and hele probably!)

I'm hanging in there. Geogers was probably my second worst, but i saw you after that one, so you know.

Dinner was good, very nice prawn curry and brownies and ice cream made by heidi, yum yum. The drive was a little trecherous, charlotte went at a max speed of 35mph all the way, so it took us a while. She also hit her tyre of the embankment at the side of the road, really quite funny. But she swore me to secrecy about that one, so don't tell her i said anything...blame it on laura if you have to say anything.

Oooooo YaY!!!!!! going to download it now, and then make a big brunch.
mint_pixiemint_pixie on 7th June 2009 11:28 (UTC)
Just us xD

Just hang on tight, it's not long now until it's all over :D

Sounds good, 'cept for the prawns. xD Oh dear Charlie. It's 'kay I won't say anything.

Haha, I'm eating bacon bread rolls. I made them, and now the kitchen looks like it's on fire - so much smoke!!
xdreamer_girlxxdreamer_girlx on 7th June 2009 14:25 (UTC)
Strangly enough it's the being over bit that scares me.

Bacon is good, haha poor kitchen. i made a bacon sarni for me and bacon, fried egg and waffels and goldern syrup for my dad, trust me not my idea, i was just following orders but he seemed to enjoy it.